Choose a Color: Paint Colors & Deck Regulations

In order to preserve the historical aesthetic of Mount Air, residents must choose their paint color from the pre-approved colors listed below.

Exterior Colors


  • Duron Exterior Gloss White Latex
  • Glidden 3900 Exterior Gloss White


  • Bracken House Blue Slate (W83 – 1065)
  • Peyton Randolph Gray (W82 – 1086)
  • Kings Arms Tavern Gray (W83 – 1076)


  • Livingston Kitchen Green (W84-1077)
  • Palmer House Green (W84-1084)


  •  Palace Arms Red (W1083)

Burdett’s Ordinary Black-Green (W85-0625) is approved for houses with Palace Arms Red on the front door and do not want an all red home.


  • Palmer House Brown (W85 – 1085)

For Copper Bay Window Caps:

  • Rustoleum Antique Copper (2027-32)
  • Krylon Metallic Spray Copper (1709)

This information has been provided by the Village of Mount Air Homeowner’s Handbook by HD, August 2001

View the full paint chart guidelines.


Deck Guidelines

The Homeowners Association will consider deck designs on a case by case basis.

  • All construction needs to be in compliance with Fairfax County code.
  • Decks must have proper drainage for water run-off and cannot lead into neighboring lots or common areas.
  • Items cannot be suspended from decks for storage purposes.
  • No top floor decks allowed.
  • Above fence-level decks:
    • Can only be added the backside of townhouses.
    • For end units: Decks cannot be extended laterally beyond the side face not forward of the back face of the building.

View the full deck guidelines.


Questions regarding approved paint colors?