Project Request and Approval Procedures

In order to maintain the natural beauty and cohesiveness of Mount Air as well as avoid any unsafe construction, residents who plan to renovate their homes must follow the proper structure guidelines and procedures.

No additions or alterations of any kind can be made to Mount Air properties until the complete plans and specifications of the project have been submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to starting the project.

Project Request Requirements

  • The ACC will only consider written architectural change requests
  • Oral requests will not be considered
  • One copy of the application must be delivered to the management agent who will then submit them to the ACC
  • If a project is started or completed without the approval of the ACC, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to submit a post facto application to the ACC with the project’s details
  • If a project is found to violate HOA rules and regulations the homeowner will be required to remove the work and return their home to its original state at the homeowner’s expense

Homeowners will submit in advance a written project request, containing detailed pertinent information on the proposed addition or modification.

The request must include:

  • Street address and lot number
  • Telephone number
  • Detailed drawing of the proposed project to scale
  • Pictures if available
  • Dimensions including height, width, size, and shape
  • Color if applicable
  • Location
  • List of materials to be used
  • Scheduled start and completion date
  • Photographs and/or sketches of similar completed projects in the community if applicable
  • Copy of plan for fences, decks, and major landscaping showing the proposed location in relation to property boundaries

ACC will provide written notification of their review (i.e. approval, disapproval, or request for additional information).

All changes must conform to the Fairfax County regulations, and a homeowner must have the necessary building permit, zoning verification, and other pertinent documents. Construction cannot create any drainage issues for neighboring yards.

Homeowners should also contact utility companies to prevent damage to buried utility lines prior to construction. Contact Miss Utility at 1-800-257-7777.

Any extraordinary requests shall be subject to consultation with neighbors who would be immediately affected by the addition or modification.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to comply with County and State regulations. Approval by the ACC does not relieve the homeowner of this responsibility. Approval by the ACC is related solely to compliance with Mount Air Conservancy Declarations and Rules and Regulations. ACC approval of any addition/modification in no way constitutes approval with regard to state or local building codes.

If you would like to request architectural changes, please complete this form. The completed form can be submitted to the property manager, all materials must be provided.