Hilltop Village Shopping Center – Petition and Virtual Meeting

September 11, 2020

Courtesy of the Landsdowne Board of Directors:

A few nights ago the Landsdowne Board of Directors voted to officially oppose a proposed development intended to construct 300 residential apartments located in the Hilltop Village area. The space is currently serving as the parking lot adjacent to Panda Express and was originally zoned for commercial use. The new proposal seeks to rezone the area for five story multi-family residential use apartments:
Proposed five story multi-family residential building comprised of approximately 342,000 square feet of gross floor area in lieu of previously approved office building. Residential building to be served by a parking structure that will accommodate approximately 634 parking spaces. The building is anticipated to include one and two bedroom units ranging in size from 756 square feet to 1,170 square feet.

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Attend the virtual Site-Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA) Task Force meeting, Monday, Sept 14, 7pm. (Registration required prior to attending to receive virtual link and they may lock the attendance once the meeting has begun at 7pm.) Click here