Homeowners Association: Here to help the neighborhood.

The Village of Mount Air is a not-for-profit, not-stock Virginia corporation. Mount Air consists of 182 townhomes and was developed by the Mount Air Development Limited Corporation in 1984-1988.

When purchasing a townhouse within the Village of Mount Air, the purchaser becomes a member of the Homeowners Association. As a member of the Association, the purchaser agrees to certain restrictions, rules, and regulations concerning the property.

The Architectural Control Committee or the Board of Directors must approve all exterior changes to houses and front and side yards. An owner must request an architectural variance if they wish to install a deck, change a fence, change painted trim color, etc.

Homeowners Association Regulations

The Association is governed by the declaration, by-laws, and rules and regulations. All prospective owners are required by Virginia law to be issued a complete set of these documents prior to the purchase of a unit. These documents provide the guidelines for assessments, elections, and duties of the Board of Directors and certain parliamentary procedures. The documents also contain some rules that were developed to ensure property values are maintained.

Homeowners Associations in the Commonwealth of Virginia are also governed by the Virginia Property Owners Association Act. The Legislation was proposed and adopted for the purpose of protecting owners. These laws established how associations can be created, altered and terminated. They also establish how an association will be managed as well as certain aspects of the sale of a home within the community. The Property Owner’s Association Act takes precedence over all association documents.